Mr. Castle´s Biography

Hector Adonay Castillo Rondon (Mr. Castle) was born in Caracas, Venezuela on September 7 in 1979, his incursion in music happened when he was 13 years old, thanks to the influence of his friends but especially of his father (Hector Castillo), he showed interest in Rock, Blues and Latin music roots.

In 1999, he founded his first formal band called “Horny Dogs Blues Band”, which defined its style as a blues and rock&roll band since his first music influence were Johnny Winter, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Page, B.B. King and others.

Concurrently with “Horny Dogs Blues Band”, because of his huge love for Afro-caribean rhythms, Hector accepted an invitation to participate as guitarist in the Salsa band “Koymbre”, which was well known for playing songs from artists like Willie Colón, Rubén Blades, Eddie Palmieri, Dimensión Latina, and many others.

In the same year (1999), Hector started working with a theatre group called “Eclipse” as compositor and live performer in the theatre performances.

In 2000, he founded his first band as a soloist, “Héctor Castillo Blues Band”, which had the same characteristics as “Horny Dogs”.

In 2001, he recorded his first live album ever “Koymbre En Concierto Afro-Caribe” with Koymbre. What is more, he got the third accomplishment in a row in the theatrical winning the second place for music composition in the Ateneo de Caracas theatre festival. He received the first place in 1999 and 2000.

In the same year, he participated as guitarist in a prestigious new singing artist festival, made in “la Casa Del Artista” called “Nuevos Talentos De Hoy”.

In 2002, he gave birth to the band “Rach Jazz” with Arturo Soto (Guitarist), which played such genres as: tri-hop, R&B and Jazz-blues. This band stood out because of the participation of two great singers: Daniela García and Hana Kobayashi.

In that year he was invited to play with two well-known Venezuelan cover bands “Poker Band” from Caracas and “Ecos” from the countryside, moreover,  Eduardo Soto invited him to play with the most important Blues Band in Venezuela: “Soto´s Blues Band”.

In 2003, Hector recorded a live album with “Soto´s Blues Band” and started teaching music in a High school called “CEAPUCV”, also participating as arranger, guitarist and music director in High school singing festival called “VOZ CEAPUCV”. He did the same in 2004 and 2006.

In that year (2003), he joined the band “Herencia” (Tambor Fusión-Patarrumba) and founded a Jazz duo with the pianist Salomón Lerner called “PICNIC”. Besides this, he started a Hard Rock project with Carlos Quintero called “Radovan Dash”.

In 2004, Hector played with “Soto´s blues band”,” Soto´s Jazz Band”, Kintero, Azúcar, Cacao y leche, “Herencia”, “Hana Kobayashi”(Japanese music project),  Pamela Rose, Radovan Dash, and many more music developments.

In 2005, Hector Castillo came back from a tour with “Herencia” in Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Belgium) and Central America (Costa Rica, Panama), joined the band “Barco Ebrio”, nowadays that band is called “Los Sordos”, participating as composer, arranger and guitarist.

In the same year, he performed live with “Venezuela Un Solo Pueblo” and participated as special guest on the Andy Duran´s Fania Tribute leaded by the maestro Andy Durán, there´s a live recording of one of those performances called “Salsa dura y Descarga, Tributo a Fania” Hector appears in two songs: “El ratón” and “Chanchulló”.

In the same year, he also worked with well known Venezuelan artists like Luky (Luke Grande), Trino Mora, José Riú, Edgar Alexander.

At the end of 2005 and at the beginning of 2006, Hector started playing with Nboga (Cover band) and finished a studio recording with Barco Ebrio called “De luces”.

In 2007, Hector Castillo decided to do a tribute to Carlos Santana, participating in a tribute festival made for a night club in Caracas. This event presented once a month tributes to artists like: Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Fito Páez, Police, Soda Stereo, Kiss, AC/DC, and many others, being this Santana tribute the winner of “The tribute of the year”.

Because of that achievement, Hector Castillo encouraged himself to record a second concert with that tribute band, achieving a material with great quality.

In 2007, he made a tribute to Bob Marley with Nboga and in 2008 played with the Venezuelan band “Cabaret” doing a tribute to U2.

In 2009, Hector Castillo founded a Rock-blues trio called “Héctor Castillo trío”, which represented his first music influence and the experience through the years, to develop a more powerful and compact sound. In 2010, this Project also made a tribute to the legendary guitarist “Jimi Hendrix”.

In 2010, Hector Castillo finished the recording called “Herencia siempre Herencia”, and he restarted his activities with Levy Riccetti (before Barco Ebrio – Dinamo Disco) by founding the band “Los Sordos”.

During 2010, 2011 and 2012, Hector collaborated live and/or in studio recording with artist like: Julien Rego, Keiser, Chino y Nacho, Victor Muñoz, Victor Drija, Bea Pernia, Elefreak, Cindy Lopez, Liz, Alexander D’ Abreu y su Habana de primera, Papo Vasquez, Reinaldo Torcat, Edgar Dolor, Wladimir Losano, Pablo Mendoza, Electrocircus, Alexis Peña, Franco y Oscarcito (Lsquadron), Manuel Diquez, Divine, Kiara, Hany Kauam, and many others.

In 2012, Hector participated as judge in the 3rd edition of the prestigious guitar festival “Sibelius Fest 2012”.

Hector Castillo has participated in three most prestigious Jazz-Blues festivals in Venezuela. “Festival de Jazz y Blues de Mérida 2011” and “Caracas Jazz & Blues Fest” in 2011 with “Soto Blues Band”, also in 2012 with Hector Castillo Trio “Mr. Castle”.

Hector is a Sponsor of two boutique pedal brands of electric guitars, this brands are: Megafaidel and R+ The tone of Rock (Superdriver).

In 2013 Hector Castillo finished his first solo EP recording called “Beyond the Blues”, he also finished the recording of the album “3 am” from “Los Sordos”.

In October 2013 Hector moved to Ireland.

He has been in Ireland 1 year and have had the opportunity to record along with Ed Deane (Irish Blues Living Legend) an EP called “At a Station”, the EP launch took place in the Dublin Arts Club last 17th of december 2014. He also has been on stage with Left, right and centre (Ed Deane, Noel Bridgeman, Tommy Moore) besides being playing in few pubs around Dublin city centre as Thomas House, Arthur´s, Darkeys Kelly and Sweeneys.

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